Ed’s Vision / Actions

Invest in our children’s future by supporting public education, and addressing their stifling college/university debts.

• We added $1.2M in FY 2020 to local education in Portland; $100M+ state

• We raised the minimum teacher salary in Maine to $40,000 annually

• We added $3M to the Maine State Grant Program (to offset college debt)

• Reviewing multiple bills targeted at the student debt crisis

Take care of our neighbors by ensuring we have access to affordable health care and long term options

• We made health care more affordable by accessing $700M in federal funds to cover prescription drugs, emergency services, and other protections

• We restored the Maine Low-Cost Drugs for the Elderly and Disabled program to cover an additional 1,800 Maine seniors


Create more employment opportunities to attract and keep our young people to Live + Work in Maine

• Helped develop a 10-year Maine Economic Development Strategy focused on Talent and Innovation to create a diverse and sustainable economy

• We allocated $4M for Broadband (more coming) and rural development


Bring bipartisanship dialogue back to the process by listening and respecting all views and finding forward thinking solutions

• We passed a budget that provided $130M in property tax relief without raising taxes. We increased the Homestead Exemption by $5,000, and made progress toward fully restoring municipal revenue sharing.


To contact Ed, please email him at info@edcrockettformaine.com

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